Arnold Zweig has been helping clients with civil litigation matters since 1979. He has worked in the areas of franchising, landlord and tenant, family, construction and real estate matters for both plaintiffs and defendants. He has over the years dealt with numerous estate disputes as well.

His experience has shown that most disputes arise from a lack of information or a lack or inability of two sides to communicate with one another. Once there is full disclosure and a complete understanding of each sides position, most disputes can be easily resolved. Estate disputes are unique in that the person at the centre of the decision making is no longer available to be questioned.

A unique opportunity presents itself for resolution of even the most complex matters. Mr. Zweig, along with his law clerk, Mallory Smith, devotes his own personal time to each client and has a dedication to resolve a dispute efficiently, quickly and with a view to ensuring that any legal fees are not out of proportion to the problem at hand. Together they make a strong team to help resolve your issues. Their compassion, dedication and experience is proven.