Richard Yasny is a tax lawyer. He started practice in 1992. He helps clients solve disputes with the CRA from the audit stage (the best time to clear up disputes), through CRA’s internal “Appeals” or “Objection” stage, and, later, in the Tax Court of Canada. He will help you with disputes over income taxes, HST/GST, or other tax laws, or over the Canada Border Services Agency’s enforcement of federal anti-money laundering law.
If CRA or another tax body is auditing you, it can help to involve a lawyer early, as soon as the auditor raises an issue over your reporting. The audit stage is the best time to resolve a dispute with the CRA or any other tax authority: It is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to deal with an assessment.
At any stage of your dispute, it will help you greatly to consult with a tax specialist for a realistic appraisal of your position. Knowing where you stand helps you decide whether to invest in challenging the tax authority’s view or, instead, to make arrangements to pay the tax bill.

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