Andrea Scharf is a tough negotiator and litigator who works with you, to protect you and your legal rights-to the maximum. Andrea supervises the team to ensure excellence each time. She is well known in all three Toronto courts and has represented clients throughout the GTA.

Andrea graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and attended Law School at the University of Western Ontario, being called to the Bar in 1977.

As Counsel, Andrea makes representation in court; is a Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO);

a mediator; performs Duty Counsel work; and is a past Director of the Family Lawyers’ Association (FLAO).

Andrea is a contributor to the text book, “All About Law, Exploring the Canadian Legal System”, (Nelson Education Limited 2010), and continues to keep watch in the evolution of property claims in spousal relationships, and property claims in general; assisted her colleagues as a Director of the Family Lawyers Association of Ontario.

Counsel has a special concern for children’s issues with international kidnapping and Hague Convention cases being reported. Parallel to these issues have been clients with complicated property matters.

Andrea is the mother of married children and grandmother of many. Family is Andrea’s personal and professional life!

Scharf, Andrea

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