I am a lawyer building a practice in civil and commercial litigation, criminal law, and business law.

Every judge I have ever talked to advised me not to specialize too early in my career, as it does not allow a young practitioner to develop the varied skillset and legal reflexes needed to be a great lawyer. I have heeded this advice and am open to taking on new and challenging mandates from clients, while keeping my practice grounded in civil and commercial litigation, criminal law, and business law. In law school I developed a passion for competition law, a subject that blends all three of the above areas of law.

A native of Ancaster, Ontario, I completed an undergraduate degree in the Arts & Science Program at McMaster University. After playing rugby in France for a year, I studied law at Université Laval and the University of Ottawa. As a bilingual lawyer trained in both the common law and civil law, I enjoy having a strong understanding of the world’s two great legal systems, and regularly apply it throughout my practice. As a member of both the Ontario and Québec Bar, I represent clients in both these jurisdictions, in both official languages.

I summered and articled at a national law firm in Montreal, gaining experience in both litigation and corporate law. I also spent time as a law student with Canada’s Competition Bureau, specifically within the Criminal Matters Branch. This experience strengthened my interest in the fine and often grey line that exists between business law and criminal law, likely a growing area of practice in Canada. In 2013, I received the Canadian Bar Association’s James H. Bocking Memorial Award for my paper on competition law policy, entitled: The Failing Firm: Re-examining Canada’s Approach to Rescue Mergers in Light of the US and EU Experience, subsequently published in the Canadian Competition Law Review.

My interest in criminal law stems from my studies at law school, through to my interest in standing up for individuals against the State, and appearing in court as often as possible for my clients.

Outside of law, my competitive spirit finds its home on the rugby pitch. This physical sport allows me to keep a sharp mental edge, and I currently play for the Bay Street Rugby Football Club in the Toronto Rugby Union. Past clubs include the Ancaster Loyalists, Stoney Creek Camels, McMaster Marauders, and the infamous Paris Université Club (PUC).