GAVIN MAGRATH is a Toronto-based lawyer whose practice focuses on legal liability and litigation risk arising out of international carriage of goods. He has represented forwarders, carriers, ship owners, and cargo interests in litigation before the Superior and Federal Courts, as well as through ADR and before various administrative tribunals. He also maintains a significant pro bono international human rights law practice, serving as a Director of Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (, engaging in advocacy on behalf of human rights defenders within national structures as well as at the UN Human Rights Commission.

Since 2009 Gavin has acted as counsel to the Canadian International Freight Forwarders’ Association ( is an appointed member of its National Board of Directors. He is a member and constituency representative at the Canadian Maritime Lawyers’ Association (; a member of FIATA’s Advisory Body (Legal Matters); and a Member of the Canadian Transportation Lawyers’ Association. He is also the General Editor and Canadian Member for, a network of more than 25 transportation lawyers representing over 20 trading nations that provides a free resource of legal news and information of interest to the global transportation and logistics industries.

Gavin obtained degrees in Commerce and in Philosophy from Queen’s University (Kingston), his Juris Doctor from Dalhousie University (Halifax), and his Master’s in Law from the University of Toronto.